Anurag Gupta

PhD Student in Organisational Behaviour at London Business School


Anurag Gupta is a PhD Candidate in Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. His research examines how the inclusion and effective talent utilisation of workers from lower social class backgrounds can be promoted in organisations. In one stream of research, he studies how social class background shapes individuals’ views and how these views can be a source of disadvantage for workers from lower social class backgrounds. In another stream of research, he focuses on interpersonal barriers to show how interactions with others can reproduce inequality. Pinpointing these barriers is important as it informs individual and organisational actions needed to promote class inclusion, and some of his projects implement such solutions using interventions.


Anurag started his professional career as an engineer at Schneider Electric in Bangalore, India. He then worked as a fellow at Teach for India and taught full-time for two years in a low-income school in India. Post this, he worked at KPMG’s advisory services and worked with the government of India to roll out vocational education policies across several states.


Besides research, Anurag enjoys hiking, theatre, and meditation.