Narayan Naik

Professor of Finance at London Business School


Professor Narayan Naik is recognized as one of the leading experts on hedge fund investing. Over the last decade he has authored a significant body of work in hedge funds benchmarking, performance evaluation of long-only managers, tail-risk hedging, life settlements-longevity risk and market microstructure. His work has appeared in the top finance journals, leading practitioner journals and financial press. Professor Naik’s teaching includes the following subjects: Strategic Investment Management, Equity Investment Management and Hedge Funds.


Since joining London Business School (LBS) in 1991, Professor Naik has played a key role in the development of the finance group at LBS, most notably in the role of Director of the PhD Programme in Finance, Director of the School’s Investment Management Programme, Director of the Hedge Fund Research Centre and more recently, one of the Academic Directors of the AQR Asset Management Institute at LBS.


Professor Naik has designed, and taught tailor-made courses in corporate finance, investment management, Islamic Finance and hedge funds for investment banks and financial institutions. His most recent innovation has been the creation of FinTech and the Financial Services Industry Transformation elective. This course examines innovative technology-driven transformation of old business models in the financial services sector. Professor Naik’s research interests also lie within this field, exploring how Financial Technology is breaking the financial services value chain through more efficient provisioning of Payments, Deposits and Lending, Capital Raising, Wealth Management, Insurance, Market Data Analytics, as well as the impact on businesses on by the BlockChain and Cryptocurrency technology.


Professor Naik has appeared many times on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, the BBC, ITV and other news channels as an expert finance academic. He has consulted widely during his career for the World Bank, sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East, and private corporations in the UK, USA, Middle East and Far East.