Stelios Michalopoulos

Professor of Economics at Brown University


Stelios Michalopoulos joined Brown University and the PSTC in 2012. His research examines the historical origins of comparative development focusing on ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups.


Michalopoulos creates unconventional empirical strategies exploiting historical natural experiments along with historical, anthropological, and linguistic sources, as well as novel measures of economic activity to conduct rigorous empirical analyses on the determinants of economic performance across as well as within groups.


Michalopoulos’s research lies in the intersection of growth, political economy, and development.


Together with Elias Papaioannou (London Business School), Nathan Nunn Michalopoulos (Harvard University) and Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton University) and supported by CEPR, STEG and the European Research Council, Michalopoulos led the Wheeler Institute open-access lecture series African History through the Lens of Economics. The course ran from February 1 to April 13 of 2022 and has attracted more than 27.000 registrations. For more information visit the course website.